Becky Jacoby

Wilmington Book Ghostwriter

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It’s surprising how much you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit. ~Abraham Lincoln

All work requires a signed contract prior to commencement.

To ghostwrite your book

First, I am told I am easy to work with and I will always assure you receive my best efforts. However, I will not want or share any of your authorship credit or potential earnings.

Second, and more importantly, I understand the realities of the publishing business at each step of the process including how to help position your work in preparation to publish for the marketplace–if that is your goal.

Third, since you, your ideas, and your project are unique, so will be the details of your contract and my approach to writing for you. We will be in close communication throughout the journey of ghostwriting your book.

Each contract will define the scope of work, terms and fee structure customized for your project, and I will remain accessible to you from start to finish. I am forthright about what works and what doesn’t, always having your best interests at heart.

To fix or finish your book

I am not a book doctor nor a collaborator. If I agree to fix or finish your book, the process will be to take what you have, including redefining the project if necessary, and continuing forward until your manuscript is completed and you approve it. This process includes developmental editing (structure), and line editing (sparkle and cadence), and so on until we reach a conclusion.

To ghostwrite content

I write on a range of subjects in a variety of narrative styles for a variety of industries and disciplines from healthcare to parenting to staffing to arts and crafts to faith-based literature. I also have knowledge of WordPress, SEO, strategic content development and marketing. However, I prefer to write with a storytelling approach as I believe this best engages the reader.

“Every now and then you find truly talented individuals who are not only creative but trustworthy. Becky has shown me time and time again that she has that standard with each project. Her writing talents are the best and her ability to capture what I am look for is spot on. I highly recommend Becky.”

Content Development, C. Lammers, The Gray Googler (Used with permission.)