Becky Jacoby

Wilmington Book Ghostwriter

Meet Becky

Besides writing, interviewing, project management and solid research are strengths.

Becky is a trained, proven ghostwriter, editor, content developer and creative director for whom integrity and honesty are core personal and professional values.

Because she increasingly found herself finishing sentences for clients, friends and family, her segue from freelancing to ghostwriting evolved naturally. Moreover, she has always preferred to work behind the scenes. She likes completing other’s ideas with her broadbased B2B and B2C acumen. And she makes sense of often complex or flat content for thought leaders, professionals, authorities, and those with life-changing stories to tell.

Just watch her eyes sparkle when you share an idea.

Over a Decade of Expertise

Becky spent much of her early writing career in management and specialist staff positions in corporate communications and promotions. She did stints in the healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical industries before she began freelancing. Known as a producer, she often exceeded expectations and was promoted.

For example, she wrote and designed a groundbreaking proposal for a national managed care organization which helped net a $50,000 account out of the gate, and her demand to write more grew exponentially from there. She also established communications departments (one for a managed care business then hired and trained staff, and one for a therapeutic educational network), where she spearheaded a number of creative sales and communications projects.

She has three books under her own name: Beating Cancer, Creative Comforts, and Happy Bones. She has also edited and produced several nonfiction eBooks and has illustrated a print book, to name a few of her accomplishments. Becky has also ghostwritten hundreds of articles for diverse business industries including healthcare, medical devices and equipment, wellness, staffing, education, design, crafts, and insurance. To date, she has had two short stories published.

Becky holds several certifications, a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Temple University, M.A. credits in Instructional Design from Penn State University, and an Associate of Arts in Business from Stephens College, Columbia, MO. Among other notable continuing education endeavors, she has trained with expert Ghostwriter Claudia Suzanne in a bootcamp on ghostwriting.

In addition to being an award-winning artist who exhibits at local juried art shows, Becky is passionate about animal welfare, especially dogs. A Labrador/Border Collie mix and a Boxer/Hound mix (both rescues) daily dash to claim the sofa at home with Becky and her hubby, Bob. She frequently supports animal rescue efforts.

Born in West Virginia, and a resident of Southeastern Pennsylvania for many years, Becky and Bob now make their home in beautiful coastal Wilmington, North Carolina where it seems to snow only on the grass every seven years.


In her spare time, Becky quilts with traditional and paper-pieced methods, creates animal portraits with colored and pastel pencils and writes short stories.