Becky Jacoby

Wilmington Ghostwriter

My 7 Promises

It’s my job and joy to make your book (or content) writing dreams happen.

1 I promise to keep your name, your title, your ideas and our conversations in strictest confidence. I will keep all information that passed between us as proprietary.

2I promise never to claim co-authorship of your book, nor do I claim or desire any percentage of earnings you may achieve from it at any time. I offer my ghostwriting services at a payment we agree upon at contract-signing.

3I promise to be straightforward even when you may not want to hear what I have to say. You and I both want the best outcome for you and your book. It’s my reputation, too.

4I promise never to add content from my own experiences or knowledge to your work. I will respect and honor your goals, intentions and voice to the best of my ability from the commencement to the completion of your manuscript.

5I promise to provide my best ghostwriting, though I cannot guarantee your book will be accepted by an agent, publisher, packager, marketer or audience.

6I promise I will be accessible and work diligently for and with you. I will expect you to communicate with me in the same manner, so we maintain a fluid relationship throughout the duration of the project.

7I promise to be truthful and forthright and will require the same of you. Without honesty and integrity, we will have no foundation upon which to build your book.